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About Us

For the past few years Paul’s expertise has been sought in piano factories located in both  Europe and Asia while working as the Director of Quality Control and Product Development,  Master Piano Builder

Paul Rea
Director of Product Development and Quality Control
Master Piano Builder working with Sauter, Petrof and Hailun 
Winner of MMR's  2012, 2013, 2014 winning  the Piano Line of the Year. 2015 winner MMR's legacy award, 2017 winner of the Acoustic Piano Line of the Year 

He now brings this expertise to your home offering piano tuning, rebuilding, refinishing, player piano installation and repair. 


In addition to his extensive factory experience, Paul has 30+ years of experience in tuning and rebuilding pianos with multiple certifications for QRS, Piano Disc, Petrof, Hailun, Sauter and more. He has taught piano technicians all over the world while leading classes in regulation, rebuilding, voicing, piano technology, tooling, factory production and more.


Paul has a state of the art shop with all of the finest tools and equipment available. His knowledge and friendship with every piano and piano parts manufacturer and supplier in the world only adds to his ability to service your every piano need.  Why not have the very best service your piano!  Our investments always benefit the most from associating with the best the industry has to offer…………………..Paul Rea!